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The Kanzlei (Chancellery)

The chancellery, together with the former stables, belongs to the oldest buildings of the castle's ensemble. It was built as court registry in between 1745 and 1748 at today's entrance area to the park, on the south side of the castle district. Up until 1846 the lordship of Lübbenau was acting as a judicial authority in the town. The count's court judge operated in the chancellery. The two former prison cells in the cellar, that are preserved to this day, date back to this period. Later on the chancellery served as count's library and family archive. The Spree Forest museum was opened in 1950 inside the building of the chancellery, where part of the exhibits from the former castle museum were integrated. The Spree Forest museum moved to Lübbenau's gatehouse in 1998. The art collection of the Lynar's as well as the family archive (kept safe at the State capital archive of Brandenburg) were preserved to a large extent.

Today the Kanzlei offer four exceptional suites fo a unique stay in the Spreewald. The Kanzlei can be booked completely or the suites can be booked individually.