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The historic park

The castle ensemble is surrounded by a park that spreads across nine hectares and that provides for a seamless transition to the Spreewald (Spree Forest). The park belongs to the early drafts of English garden art in Lower Lusatia and was laid out as English style landscape garden in the course of the building of the castle around 1820. There are, however, already first indications of a garden at Lübbenau’s castle in 1594 – the botanical work „Hortus Lusatia“ from the same year mentions an arboretum and kitchen garden. It was only during 19th century that a new design of the park in the course of the new building of the park took place. This happened under the aegis of Cottbus’ gardener Johann Erdmann Freschke and later on hiss on Heinrich Wilhelm Freschke, who has employed as head gardener in Branitz by Prince Herrmann of Pückler since 1852. The castle pond, castle ditches as well as paths and bridges were laid out around 1850. Father and son Freschke – the latter died in 1896 – were in charge of taking care for the castle park for about 80 years in total.  Thus, a harmonious complex in the midst of the Spreewald (Spree Forest) and in conjunction with the Schloss (Castle), the Orangerie (Orangery), the Marstall (Former Stables), lawns, tree plantings, flows and ponds came into being.  The count’s family of Lynar till 1945 maintained the park, covering a total of nine hectares, in line with horticultural aspects. After 1945 the park was passed into public ownership and was since then subjected to wild growing of vegetation. The Landschaftsgarten (Landscape Garden) developed into a refuge for birches, pastures, ashes and robinias. Hedges of blackberry and bushes of bird cherry grew regardless of any landscape architectural aspects and thus, the former shape of the Park is no longer to be recognized after 65 years have passed.